How To Protect Laminate Flooring And Protect Yourself With Anti Slip Dust Sheets

In an age where laminate flooring is so popular in many houses across the Estonia, one of the biggest problems for builders, plumbers, decorators and delivery companies is how slippery this surface can become when wet.

Wet, slippery laminate flooring could potentially cause severe accidents. Recent statistics from the Health & Safety Executive for 2015/6 show that slipping and tripping account for 27% of accidents occurring in the Painting & Decorating industry.

Often businesses may consider covering the area with dust sheets but these are often cumbersome, sliding upon the polished surface or posing trip hazards.

With these problems in mind Estonia-based company, Auronix OÜ has recently launched an innovative new anti-slip sheet designed to prevent accidents caused by slipping on highly polished floor surfaces, and protect laminate flooring, carpet, tiles and more with an innovative, reusable dust sheet.

This anti-slip dust sheet called Slipsafe, is a unique product is aimed at contractors carrying out any interior work – such as painting, decorating, plumbing, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom installation – on any surfaces that need protecting, including wood, laminate, tiled or carpeted flooring. In fact, a major utilities company has recently placed a significant order so that their service engineers can protect customers’ work-tops and tiled floors when carrying out boiler services and repairs.

Slipsafe is a combination of materials comprising a synthetic fabric top cover which will fully absorb all liquid spills with a water-resistant membrane with an anti-slip backing which prevents the dust sheet from moving.

Managing Director, Paul Brearley said, “We designed Slipsafe to provide protection for wooden laminated flooring, tiled floors, highly polished surfaces and carpeted areas where there is the added danger of an accident occurring because of the movement of an ordinary dust sheet. We set out to provide a product that is highly absorbent, waterproof with a backing that wouldn’t move on any floor surface which is what we’ve achieved with Slipsafe.”

“Usually contractors spend a considerable amount of time taping down a traditional dust sheet and we wanted to bring a product to market that didn’t need taping down or re-laying and re-positioning. We also wanted to create a product that was manageable in terms of size and weight, which is the reason for Slipsafe being available in two standard size widths 0.9m and 1.8m at any length required. We are delighted that Slipsafe has achieved our expectations.’

Anti slip stairs solutions are other answers that removal, delivery, building and DIY companies often look for. Wooden stairs especially have little grip, so a stair anti slip dust sheet would be beneficial for protecting the area from damage, and protecting people from accidents. Slipsafe can cover everything from wooden to carpeted staircases with the greatest of ease – no taping down edges – to protect people and surfaces from accident or damage.

Home Flooring Ideas You Can Trust

When it comes to the world of flooring in Estonia you will realize that there are always new developments every day which is good news for anyone who is doing a home improvement project. Flooring Estonia is such an important are of home renovation especially because the floor is one of those things that everyone will notice when they come visiting. Nowadays, you can choose different types of flooring for any room in the house and as long as you make proper use of flooring experts you will enjoy the results. You can choose hardwood flooring in Carrolton TX for your living room, kitchen and especially the bedrooms; today’s flooring market leaves a lot of room for experimentation. Many people today find choosing the correct flooring in Estonia material one of the trickiest things to do.
There are different factors that homeowners should have in mind when they are thinking about flooring Estonia; most important is what use you will be putting the room that you have in mind into because it will play a huge role in your choice of flooring material. If for instance, you are thinking about hardwood flooring in Estonia, you can be sure that it will not be appropriate for a laundry room or the bathroom because of the amount of water such a floor gets into contact with. Ceramic flooring would be a better idea for such a room.
The other important fact or that you are going to consider is the amount of traffic that the room will get exposed top every single day; if you have children or pets in your home it can also make a great difference since when you have those two, you will have issues when it comes to floor maintenance. Laminate flooring can be a good idea but any material that has a great chance of staining will be inappropriate. You also need to be careful when designing a room that has furniture of any kind such that your choice is based on where the furniture will be placed. Aesthetics also count a great deal because you want your floor installation to bring warmth and color to the room.
No matter what your flooring Estonia installation choices are going to be, you must always try to make sure it matches well with the rest of the in the room. Always try to look at the big picture such that you include other features like furniture and the walls. All other aspects of the room such as the draperies, accessories, and ceilings should also be in mind when you are planning to do some flooring Estonia installation. The flooring option that you choose should fit in with the rest of the room so that you have a complete picture. When you are not sure what color of flooring materials you are going to buy, the best idea is to take pictures of the different aspects of the room and carry them along with you as you go shopping.

High Gloss Laminate Flooring

When it comes to finding the best flooring material, a large number of homeowners prefer laminate flooring because of its longevity and resemblance to real wood. Not only homeowners but home experts too choose high gloss laminate flooring as a feasible option due to its high shine finish. However, like any other thing, this flooring also has some drawbacks. Before you think of giving a dream look to your home, do consider the pros and cons of high gloss laminate flooring. This will help you decide whether it is the right choice or not.
Compared to old high gloss hardwood flooring, high gloss laminate flooring would cost you less which means it is much more budget-friendly. A large number of companies provide this type of flooring so homeowners can shop around to find the best deal. As this type of flooring costs less and appears similar to read wood, homeowners go for it greatly.
Ease of Installation
Another most important factor to consider is the complexity involved in the installation. This is also a major reason why homeowners prefer high gloss laminate flooring over its counterparts. In fact, do-it-yourselfers may wish to do the job themselves, which may help them save a lot of money on the flooring. Laminate flooring does not need regular waxing as hardwood does and one can easily clean it with a normal broom, vacuum or mop. Due to the veneer on its top layer, it doesn’t stain easily. On the other hand, hardwood gets stained easily due to its moisture-absorption property.
Show signs of wear and tear
When it comes to view the signs of wear and tear, high gloss laminate flooring is undoubtedly the best option. One can easily identity scuff marks, scratches and other marks over it. This property of gloss laminate flooring is due to the reflection of light which punctuate marks on the surface. Therefore, we can say this flooring is not a good option for areas receiving heavy foot falls.
Because of its smooth, slick surface, high gloss laminate flooring can be very slippery, particularly when the surface is wet. If you have children or elder people in your home, it is recommended to go for a matte or semi-matte finish for flooring purpose.
An unreal thing
Even it appears very much similar to real wood, high gloss laminate flooring contains only a small part of real wood. As a result, while hardwood flooring may increase the value of your home, high gloss laminate flooring does not have the same effect. This could be an area of concern if you have plans to sell your home in near future.

Flooring – Things you should consider

Your floors may seem like a part of the home that really doesn’t make a huge difference. Change them, however, and you’ll be shocked at just how big the impact can be on the home. One of the best flooring choices you can make is to go with a tile floor.

Tile floors are becoming more and more popular when it comes to home improvements. There are a number of reasons for this. Most boil down to the practical advantages that tile offers homeowners. Let’s take a closer look.

I don’t have to tell you that the floors of your home take a beating. We’ve all experienced the “deer tracks” on carpets. Deer tracks are the flattening of a path across a high traffic area of carpet for those lucky enough to have never experienced it. Regardless, floors take a beating and tile is perhaps the best material when it comes to handling it. When you put tile down, you know it is going to last. These days, that means a lot.

The second advantage to tile is the color and design. If you are not familiar with tile, you might think only reddish brown squares are available. Nonsense! Tile comes in a host of colors and designs. You can even create mosaics or order custom designs and colors for your home.

Perhaps the greatest attribute of tile is it is easy to care for. You don’t need to wax it. You don’t need to steam clean it. Most of the time, you just need to brush it off. Dirt, mud and whatever other debris your family tracks into the home is no problem. This makes tile particularly great for entry points in the house.

Should you consider using tile for all your flooring areas? No. If there is one downside, it has to do with heat retention. Tile can get cold. You wouldn’t use it in a bedroom. Getting up in the middle of the night and putting your tootsies down on a cold tile floor would be no fun whatsoever!

Choose Flooring Company for Peace of Mind

No matter how long you may have lived in your house, apart from those parts of the house that are regularly exposed to moisture, there is no other part of the house that takes more of a pounding than your flooring throughout. Much like the soles of your shoes, they floor is under foot and you may be wondering who is looking while you and your family is too busy living. However, different flooring textures show wear and tear in different ways; none of which are appealing as time goes by. Carpets and rugs become threadbare as their weaving flattens and shreds. Hardwood flooring and exteriors degrade and splinter; meanwhile, ceramic flooring tiles crack and vinyl buckles and peels.
When it comes to time to do home renovation for either your pleasure or for resale, a great consideration would be to contact the experts of your local best flooring company to help you upgrade your floors with products, installation, and care tips that will prolong the beauty of your investment for years to come. The flooring company that you choose can provide years of industry experience to help you in selecting the right product based on room purpose, foot traffic, as well as stain and weather resistance. Upgrading your flooring can be as simple as a replacement or as intentional as an upgrade to a more durable and expensive flooring type or style. Hardwood flooring may be engineered, reclaimed, or natural wood that comes in such varieties as oak, maple, birch, or cherry. It can be stained to meet any specifications
Natural stone flooring comes with specific care instructions that will help your flooring outlast the life of any mortgage. Laminate can imitate the hardwood flooring without the care details. Porcelain flooring tiles come in a variety of color and sizes so that you and your chosen flooring company can work together to design the idea work or living spaces. Ceramic flooring is known for its uses in the most humid and moisture sensitive rooms of a home or office; that is, the kitchen and bathroom.
Your chosen flooring company will remove your old flooring and install your replacement or upgrade while maintaining dust control before finally performing a basic cleaning of the new product and offering you specific care instructions. The standard of work ethic can be seen in the hour by hour or day to day progression of your new floor installation, more information here: They will explain to you the space and time that is needed and work diligently to complete the task in the time allotted so that you can get back to living without feeling like your life has changed for much, except for when you look down and see the gloss of newness. In summary, the wealth of knowledge that a reputable flooring company holds will ease the stress of renovations while adding value to your home. Sounds like an invaluable process because it is. You have the opportunity to relax and let the trained professionals do what they do best.

13 Amazing Facts About Cork Flooring

Cork floors have so many different features that made it one of the most popular flooring materials today. It is used in just about any type of building not only for aesthetic purposes, but also because it is durable, easy to maintain, and easy to repair if needed. However, those features are only a small fraction of what makes them special. Here are 13 more facts that make them simply amazing.
1. Cork is actually the bark of a tree called the cork oak. This tree only grows in the Mediterranean region and has a life expectancy of 250 years. The bark of the tree is harvested every 9 years without causing any damage thus it is said that cork is one of the most eco-friendly materials being used today.

2. They are fire resistant to a certain degree. Should it eventually catch on fire, cork will not emit any toxic chemicals.

3. They are ideal for people with asthma or allergies. Cork is resistant to mold, mildew, and bacteria because of a chemical called suberin found in the bark. Cork floors are usually described as being hypoallergenic because it is free from chemicals and other irritants.

4. Should a cork tile be dented, the affected portion will return to its original state after a few hours. This is because of the elasticity properties of cork.

5. Although they have only recently made the limelight in the United States, they have been used for over a century. One of the oldest buildings that were believed to be among the first to have cork floors installed is a church near Chicago that was built in 1890.

6. They are warm and soft to walk on. However, don’t let its softness fool you. Cork is one of the most durable flooring products in the market today.

7. Cork is commonly used to create sound proofed rooms. Before the final flooring material of the room installed, cork underlayment is first installed. This provides a barrier which sound cannot pass through.

8. Cork is 100% natural and to date, no materials created by man can imitate its natural features.

9. Cork manufactures produce them in over 200 colors, shapes, and sizes.

10. To maintain an overall eco-friendly environment, installers often use water-based adhesives when installing them.

11. Cork or põrandalaud how they call is in Estonia is tiles are normally finished with eco-friendly colors and varnishes. Because cork warps in heat and humidity, cork floors will contract and expand. Unfortunately, some cork tile finishes manufacturers use varnishes and colors that will not follow cork when this happens. Even though a cork tile is very durable, the varnish is not, and this will peel in places.

12. Cork flooring is notoriously expensive. The prices per square foot can at times be 4 times more expensive than other popular flooring materials such as tiles or hardwood.

13. Because of the abundance of colors and designs, architects and interior designers find it easy to ensure that the flooring matches furniture and other designs in any room, including the kitchen and bathroom.

6 Tips to Prevent Mold Growth

Mold spores are a regular part of indoor air and live on walls furniture and clothes in the humid climate of Estonia. Usually mold comes from outside sources, although regular household cleaning will keep levels low. regular heavy duty cleaning of shows and baths where spores accumulate is essential for a healthy home.

If your Estonia home has a significant level of mold growth, however, that’s cause for concern. Spores can flourish wherever there is a leak, flood or high levels of humidity. This growth usually leads to high levels of airborne mold, which in turn triggers additional growth as spores travel to other areas inside your Estonia home that also have high moisture levels.

An extensive mold infestation damages your Estonia home’s interior and its furnishings. including carpets and cabinets. Over time, uncontrolled mold growth can even invade structural elements. Even though there is no practical way to eliminate all mold, keeping your home as clean and dry as possible can prevent extensive damage.

Damage to your Estonia, home and possessions is only one reason to keep it clean. Mold also presents potential health risks to individuals with allergies or respiratory problems.

Adverse effects of molds include allergic reactions, infections, irritations and in some cases can even be toxic. Symptoms of adverse mold reactions include wheezing, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, nasal congestion, sneezing, eye and throat irritations, fatigue and headaches.

To avoid such problems, here are some tips to help keep your Estonia, home from becoming a mold breeding ground.

1. Vent bathrooms, dryers and other moisture producers to the outside
2. Ensure that all air conditioning vents have unrestricted air flow
3. Use dehumidifiers for basements and crawlspaces
4. When cooking, use the kitchen exhaust fan
5. Install sufficient installation on piping, air ducts and basement walls to retard the formation of condensation
6. Use moisture sensor alarms in areas where water back-ups and overflows frequently occur to avoid leaks and similar problems.


Advantages & Disadvantages of Hardwood Flooring

If you want to the construct a new house or renovate an old home, people can choose the best variety of flooring material. However, there are many problems associated with the old hardwood and this can be the best flooring for many years. Many hardwood floors are tested and they are available in different colors, shape and strength for more than a century now. There are many new conventional alternatives of hardwood as a flooring material available in the market. However, these options cannot come near to the hardwood flooring and this adds beauty and value to your house as the time passes. After the hardwood floor, the next best alternative that is available in the market is the carpet. There are many problems associated with them like trapping of dust, dirt makes it difficult to be cleaned, this makes them look bad and this can make people allergic over a period. This can make your light colored color can make cleaning and maintenance work difficult.

Knowing the details
The light colored carpets can get stained easily when any food or drinks are dropped. Some very expensive cleaning products can also not help you in this case. Carpets are totally different from the hardwood floor as these can be easily cleaned and maintained without giving much consideration to color. The colors – light, dark or medium can remain in your wood for a longer period. Unlike the carpets, these coverings cannot become dirty and it will also not stick to the hardwood. The Hardwood Floors have some interesting natural patterns and these are better than the flowery or the swirl pattern of carpets and these can be replaced. The hardwoods are very strong and tough if the heavy objects are dropped and this never gets scratched then. There are many disadvantages associated with the hardwood flooring. It is expensive due to presence of some natural materials instead of the synthetic ones.
Hardwood Flooring
The hardwood flooring in your home can be laid in any strip or planks. After a period of time, the wood may lose its shine over a period of time and this can give your floor a dull look. The hardwood flooring can make these slippery and it can also become dangerous to walk in socks. Most people prefer to use hardwood flooring rather than the other kind of flooring due to its own advantages and disadvantages. These are considered to be the highest quality of flooring and it does not even require much of investment to maintain it. Use this flooring and save lots of money for flooring.
Carpets are an important part of every house and office and gives a great impression about your lifestyle.